Dental Vacuums and Compressors

Vacuum Pumps and Compressors are the heart and soul of any dental practice. Because of this, DES/DEN-A-VAC considers a down vacuum or compressor call a priority. We can provide you a rental (for a nominal fee) in most cases the same day before 3:30 PM. If after 3:30 PM, you will be the first call the next morning to get your dental practice up and running. In most cases, vacuum pumps or compressors can be repaired. If not, we will give you options of new or quality reconditioned vacuum pumps or compressors with an 18 month written warranty.

Interested in going GREEN? Ask me about the waterless Tech West ECO Vac or ECO Star water saving vacuum pumps. We can also get you into compliance – ask us about the Amalgam Separator.

Techwest ECO VAC pic 1