About DES/Den-a-Vac

DES/DEN-A-VAC provides old-fashioned, fast and dependable, problem-solving service for the Dental Industry for more than 35 years. WE PROVIDE SERVICE AND OPTIONS for all your dental equipment needs.

DES/DEN-A-VAC provides options and services major dealers and other independents either have no time for or not equipped to handle. This is what distinguishes our services from the major dealers or other independents. Our services include selling, modifying or repairing most any equipment you want or already have.

DES/DEN-A-VAC is an independent full services dental repair company. We carry full liability insurance. After more than 35 years in the dental industry there is little we have not seen before. We give honest and experienced information on whether feasible to repair equipment or if new is actually warranted. We will always give you all options available. My technicians are trained by me and we work together with you and your staff to keep your office up and running. We are skilled at this. Don’t see a service or have a question, contact me. We are always willing to assist. Thank you for visiting our website and please feel free to contact our office at 714-961-7402.